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To many, cruises are the ultimate in vacation luxury. What could be better than sailing the seas on a boat packed with all the amenities you could want, not to mention all-inclusive food and drink? D Tours & Travel can help you plan your next cruise vacation. Whether you’re interested in cruising one of the rivers of Europe or you’re headed to warmer temperatures, we help find and plan a cruise vacation that’s perfect for the whole family or just you. So, where would you like to go?

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Alaska Cruises

See the beauty of Alaska from the water. Cruises give visitors an easy and convenient way to see the wilderness they desire without having to trek over tough Alaskan terrain. Stops on our Alaskan cruises include stops at the following locations:

Australia Cruises

When it comes to out of the ordinary, you can’t get much different than exploring Australia and New Zealand. With bustling, exotic wildlife, native cultures, and beautiful terrain, you’ll enjoy your stops at the following places:

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Bahamas & Florida Cruises

Why go far when paradise is so close by? Cruises through the waters around Florida and the Bahamas are easily accessible and close by. With boats leaving from a variety of locations, you’ll visit the following locations on your cruise:

Caribbean Cruises

Experience the relaxation and spirit of island life with an island-hopping cruise that will allow you to experience different cultures along your journey. Our Caribbean cruise packages visit the following destinations:

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Disney Cruises

It’s a cruise vacation for the parents and a Disney vacation for the children! Talk to us about Disney Cruises that take you to exotic destinations with your favorite characters along for the ride. Disney cruises visit the following places:

Hawaii Cruises

Get a taste of the islands with a Hawaiian cruise that will allow you to enjoy the islands from the shore and the sea. Available cruises to the Hawaiian Islands feature the following stops:

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Mexican Riviera Cruises

Experience the beauty of the Pacific with Mexican Rivera cruises that feature the following destinations along the way:

South America Cruises

Always had that one place that you wanted to cross off of the bucket list? With South American cruises, you’re opened to multiple Latin American cultures such as:

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River Cruises

Want to see more of the land while you’re at sea? Think about river cruises that allow you to experience river towns from the comfort of a boat. Don’t worry about booking separate accommodations. Book a river cruise to see the following rivers and cities:

Europe River Cruises

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South America River Cruises

Mississippi River Cruises

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New England River Cruises